Insights from the Ace Caravan Repairs team

Regular servicing is important

What’s involved in a regular caravan service?

You service your car regularly. It’s just as important to do the same for your caravan – maybe even more ...
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Get a regular service

How often should I service my caravan or motorhome?

There are three very good reasons to service your caravan or motorhome regularly: 1/ It will save you money, in ...
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Buying a second-hand caravan

What should I look for when buying a second-hand caravan?

When buying a second-hand caravan, you should assess its safety, strength, and structural integrity over anything else. These are the ...
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Caravan refurbishment

How much does it cost to renovate a caravan or motorhome?

Many people buy a second-hand caravan or motorhome and then look at some level of modification, renovation, or refurbishment. This ...
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Damaged Winnebago cabin

Repairing a damaged Winnebago

We recently had to perform some serious repair work on a Winnebago. The damage was quite extensive. Here's how the ...
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The best caravan service center in Melbourne

Get a regular service from our caravan service centre

Ace Caravan Repairs has a dedicated caravan service centre to assist with all regular servicing of caravans, motorhomes and RVs ...
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Motorhome and RV eletcrical repairs

We do motorhome repairs … and we do them very well

We do motorhome repairs. Ace Caravan Repairs are committed to providing quality service and we ensure that all motorhome repairs ...
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Jayco Conquest as good as new

The importance of the annual motorhome service

Regular mechanical servicing of your motorhome is a must, but it is also imperative that the living area of the ...
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We'll tow your caravan

3 things you need to know about making a caravan insurance claim

All insurance companies do their best to offer policies that cover the most important things for the policy holder, and ...
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Basic caravan maintenance before you go on holiday

Are you thinking of pulling the caravan out of your garage and going on holiday? Are you worried about all ...
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