Food van maintenance and repairs

Food vans have unique demands which means that you can’t take them just anywhere for maintenance and repairs.

Ace Caravan Repairs understands your food van:

  • experiences all the demands that every other road transport vehicle
  • must maintain an environment that conforms to health department and food-service standards
  • needs to maximise its ‘uptime’ to keep the till ticking over
  • is subjected to constant stresses and wear and tear as you navigate potholes and poor roads
  • suffers wear and tear on all fixtures and fittings as well as the mechanical parts
  • must be completely reliable to keep your business viable

That’s why we offer regular performance maintenance programs to help you keep your food van and equipment clean, trouble-free and running at optimum levels.

While you can never plan against emergency repairs, you can guard against serious repair issues by having a regular maintenance program to reduce the risk of major issues.

Call us today to discuss your performance maintenance needs and any repairs that you require.