Melbourne Motorhome and RV Repairs

Ace Caravan Repairs has industry-leading expertise in repairing motorhomes and recreational vehicles, which has helped build our excellent reputation across both the vehicle repair and auto insurance industries.

Not all panel repairs are the same, so you need our team’s experience working with all materials – fibreglass, metal, aluminium, plastic, and custom moulding – and across a wide variety of makes and models.

Even though our attention to detail and the quality of our work is second to none, we won’t keep your vehicle off the road for too long, and we always keep our prices competitive. You won’t be disappointed – in fact, you’ll be delighted.

Our track record, coupled with long-standing working relationships with all major insurance companies, also helps minimise potential delays. If you’ve had an accident, we can help you liaise with your insurer to get the assessment and approval process moving and fast-track getting started on the repair work itself.

Above all, we understand that your motorhome or RV is uniquely yours, so we will work hard to accommodate your needs, from external appearance to fit out.

Repair Process

Ace Caravan Repairs takes great pride in delivering quality repairs and maintenance.

We follow a simple process for all customers needing repairs and insurance work.

  • First, we conduct a thorough assessment of the vehicle.
  • Once we have all the facts we provide a real quotation to you and/or your insurance company.
  • We only start work when all parties agree to the work to be completed.
  • When all parties agree we complete repairs to specifications quickly.
  • Then you can have your motorhome or RV back on the road in no time.

Our workshops are fully equipped, our pricing is more than competitive, and all the major insurance companies know us … and know that we only employ qualified, skilled tradesmen capable of delivering high-quality work.

Our number one priority is to provide first-class repairs and maintenance quickly, with a minimum of fuss, and at a price that won’t give you bill shock.

Motorhome Repairs

ACE Caravan Repairs is fast becoming Melbourne’s leading motor home repair place. We have the right combination of experience, expertise and equipment to restore your motor home to top condition.

You can rely upon ACE Caravan Repairs for first-class motorhome service and repairs:

  • We have the facilities, equipment and team to fix your motorhome in-house.
  • We use the latest equipment and diagnostic systems.
  • We specialise in motor home repairs – regardless of complexity or size – we not only will fix anything, we will do it the right way the first time.

Owning a motorhome represents a significant investment and sustaining damage to your vehicle can be quite stressful as well as potentially costly. ACE Caravan Repairs has the experience and skill to manage your motorhome repair with a minimum of fuss. Naturally, the best option for you is to avoid accidents wherever possible – here are some tips on accident prevention.

  • A common cause of damage to motorhomes is wind damage caused by improperly secured wind-out awnings. Ensure you secure these properly with pegs or storm straps to prevent the wind from ripping the awnings out and potentially damaging the exterior of your van.
  • Potentially costly minor bumps and scrapes can be avoided by installing rear vision cameras or sensors.
  • Moisture is a common cause of damage as leaks can result in damp areas being very costly to repair, necessitating the removal and perhaps replacement of furniture, fittings, trims and even exterior panels.  A regular sealing check and maintenance schedule will go a long way to preventing major repairs.

Not all accidents can be avoided and if the time comes to seek repairs for your motorhome, you can put your trust in Ace Caravan Repairs as we have established a sound reputation for providing prompt professional repairs.

RV Repairs

Not only have our years of experience within the RV repairs and servicing equipped us to cater for all the common problems associated with water intrusion, plumbing and electrical systems and appliance servicing, but we have encountered and solved some of the more obscure problems as well.

Call us today to arrange your RV or Motorhome repairs