Caravan Insurance Repairs Melbourne

We are a Certified Insurance Repairer

Ace Caravan Repairs is a preferred repairer for most insurance companies.

We have specialised in caravan insurance repairs across Melbourne for almost 40 years.

We are a warranty and service agent in Victoria for all Australian insurance companies.


The process of getting your caravan insurance claim processed is simple when you engage Ace Caravan Repairs.

We have established a solid working relationship with all major insurance companies and we’ll take the worry out of dealing with your insurance claim.

Here is the step-by-step process:

1/ Call Ace Caravan Repairs and tell us the situation

We’ve been in the caravan repair business for many years and we’ve seen and heard it all before.  Call us and explain what happened.  Not only will we lend a friendly ear, but we’ll explain your rights under your insurance agreement and arrange to inspect your caravan so we can provide a comprehensive quote for repairs.

2/ Arrange for us to inspect your damaged caravan

We can arrange to inspect your caravan for you and we’ll even tow your van to our inspection site for free.

We’ll thoroughly inspect your caravan for all damage because not all damage is clearly visible or immediately apparent, and we’ll ensure that we do a complete appraisal.

The importance of a thorough inspection cannot be overstated. The damage caused by a minor accident might look minimal, but there’s a chance there’s some structural damage, as well.

Any issues that appear after a claim has been finalised by the insurer can prove inconvenient and costly. That’s why it’s best that you engage a caravan repair service that knows what to look for and can give a complete picture of all the damage.

3/ Review your quote

Once we’ve completed our inspection of your caravan we’ll supply you and the insurance company with a comprehensive quote detailing the cost of repairs.

This may be the time for some negotiation with the insurance company as they will seek a way to lessen the payout. As experienced specialists in the caravan repair industry, our reputation within the insurance industry gets most insurance quotes accepted the first time.

4/ We repair your caravan

Once the insurance quote is accepted, we’ll swing into action to get your caravan repaired with a minimum of fuss.


If you’re making an insurance claim you can rest assured that we have the stamp of approval from most insurance companies & all our work is guaranteed with warranty.

Our skilled and experienced repairers will make sure that you’re in and out of our repair centre in record time.

Our meticulous approach means it’s always fully repaired so you don’t need to come back again.

We repair and maintain all types of caravans including (but not limited to) the following makes: