Basic caravan maintenance before you go on holiday

Basic caravan maintenance before you go on holiday


Are you thinking of pulling the caravan out of your garage and going on holiday?

Are you worried about all the dust, insect families and maintenance issues it has acquired while it’s been sitting in the shed?

Are you thinking about giving up on your road trip because the cleaning task daunts you too much?

Never fear. With these fast and simple pointers your caravan will be good as new in no time.

1. Pest Control

It’s no secret that ants, spiders and sometimes even snakes or possums can be a real problem for anything you might be storing in your shed. Especially your caravan as it’s the perfect place for creepy crawlies to hide and make a comfy home. The best way to get rid of them is bug spray, a broom and a little bit of caution. Don’t go charging in there without thinking. You need to be slow and careful if you want to avoid a snake bite. If the infestation is really bad it’s best to bug bomb your caravan to be safe.

2. Check the fridge

A common mistake people make when cleaning out their caravans is that they don’t go near the fridge. It hasn’t been turned on, right? You didn’t leave any food in it either so why would it need cleaning? The truth is the leftover moisture from the last time it was turned on is likely to have created mould. It’s a good idea you take a look before setting off on the road. You don’t want to be in the middle of nowhere and realise your fridge needs a good scrub. While you’re at it, make sure the fridge still closes properly. Over time the rubber seal tends to erode away and it’s well double checking.

3. Fresh water

You need to give the water tank the best clean you possibly can. You don’t know what has built up in there overtime. It’s a good idea to bring along water purification tablets and bottled water on your trip. Just in case your water tastes a bit odd and you start to suspect you didn’t clean it well enough. It’s good to be prepared!

4. Lubricate latches

While your caravan has been sitting in the shed, it has been cooking away and drying out all the lubricants on your hinges and latches. Grab the WD40 and get to work on all the cupboards and furniture. Last of all, make sure everything is secure and held down. The roads will get bumpy on your trip and you don’t want the inside of your caravan falling apart.

Of course, if you need repairs that go beyond basic maintenance give Ace Caravan Repairs a call today

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