Caravan Renovations, Modifications and Restorations

A second-hand caravan can be a reasonable entry point for many newcomers into the world of caravanning, offering much of what a new van does but at a significantly lower cost.

The thought of restoring old caravans can be intimidating.  Fortunately, the crew at Ace Caravan Repairs have been restoring old caravans for many years.  We know how to make renovations and restorations affordable while ensuring that your caravan renovation ideas come to fruition.

Ace Caravan Repairs can carry out quality, affordable renovations to second-hand caravans.

A little imagination, coupled with the expertise of our team, can deliver a quality van with all the modern applications at a fraction of the cost of a new van.

The great thing about renovating a caravan is you can have direct input into the layout and overall design of your caravan so that it suits your vision of what a caravan should be.   You can rely upon us to work cooperatively with you to bring your caravan renovation project to fruition.

Ace Caravan Repairs makes your caravan refurbishment easy

We have the expertise and knowledge to renovate or modify your caravan any way you like.

If you’re looking for simple renovations such as adding a double bed, refurbishing upholstery, or replacing tired old doors we can perform these tasks efficiently and professionally for you.

Alternatively, if you are considering more substantial caravan renovations that will make your caravan living more comfortable by making better use of existing space, or modernising the kitchen, our team can assist you in bringing your caravan renovation ideas to life from design to production.

Simple caravan modifications to suit your budget

On many occasions, a simple modification is the best and most affordable way to get what you want and need from your existing caravan.

Circumstances and needs change as we progress through life. That caravan that served you and your family very well for many years may no longer be as practical or comfortable as it was when the kids were younger.

Sometimes, rather than go to the expense of purchasing a new caravan,  some simple tweaks to your existing van are all that are necessary to make your caravan meet your new needs and requirements.

We can help you make the simple modifications that will make your caravan suit your needs now without feeling the need to replace your van with a new more expensive model.

Not only is refurbishing old caravans more economical, it can prove to be just what is required to continue enjoying the caravaning lifestyle.

Vintage Caravan Restoration

Vintage caravans are usually lighter and easier to tow than modern caravans.  For this reason, retro and vintage caravans are becoming an increasingly popular option for many people.

Most of these vans can be purchased comparatively cheaply.  However,a problem often encountered in restoring these vans to their former glory is sourcing parts.

The Ace Caravans crew knows where to source parts and how to renovate vintage and retro-style caravans.

Ace Caravan Repairs specialises in restoring vintage caravans and retro caravans. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for help with restoring 1950s vintage caravans, 1960s vintage caravans or earlier vintage models, the team at Ace Caravan Repairs has the expertise and knowledge to restore your van to its former glory – if not better.