Caravan renovations and Restorations

Ace Caravan Repairs has built a solid reputation for being able to carry out quality but affordable renovations to second-hand caravans.

Second-hand caravans offer affordable entry for many newcomers into the caravan world.  The attraction, of course, is that a second-hand van offers a lot of what a new van offers, but at significantly less cost.  A little imagination coupled with the expertise that the team at ACE Caravan Repairs offer can deliver a quality van with all the modern applications at a fraction of the cost of a new van.

The great thing about renovating a caravan is you can have direct input into the layout and overall design of your caravan so that it suits your vision of what a caravan should be.

Ace Caravan Repairs Can Make Your Caravan Renovation Easy

At Ace Caravan Repairs, we can renovate or modify your caravan any way you would like to do it. It doesn’t matter if you are looking to make a simple renovation like adding a double bed, updating upholstery or replacing tired looking doors with new ones or you are looking to make substantial renovations with a view to making better  use of existing space or to modernize your caravan kitchen, we can bring your ideas to life from design to production.

Simple Caravan Modifications to Suit Your Budget


On many occasions, a simple modification is the best and most affordable way to get what you want and need from your existing caravan.

Circumstances and needs change as we progress through life.  That caravan that served you very well for the past five years may no longer serve you as well as it did when the kids were younger.

Sometimes some simple tweaks are all that are necessary to make your caravan meet your requirements.

We can help you make the simple modifications that will make your caravan suit your needs now without feeling the need to replace your van with a new more expensive model.

Vintage Caravan Restoration


Ace Caravan Repairs specialise in restoring vintage caravans and retro caravans.  It doesn’t matter if you are looking for help with restoring 1950s vintage caravans, 1960’s vintage caravans or earlier vintage models, the team at ACE Caravan Repairs have the expertise and knowledge to restore your van to its former glory.